Clinic Cats

The residents of Atlantic Cat Hospital.......

Dolly Duck

Our snow white cat, Dolly Duck was an emergency case brought to us in October 2009. Because she was malnourished and had a shattered pelvis, we assume that she had been hit by a car while living on the streets of Fairview. After spending three months on cage rest at the clinic and discovering that her meow sounded more like a “quack”, hence her nickname; she became the newest member of our clinic cat troop!

Benjamin Button

Benjamin Button, so named because of his youthful transformation during his care and recovery after being brought to us as a stray in February 2009. He had been seeking refuge in a rabbit’s outdoor hutch in Bayer’s Lake Industrial Park during the winter and was starting to suffer because of the cold. He needed a lot of TLC to treat his frost-bitten ears, paws and tail, as well he needed time to adjust to being around people and has slowly become more social with strangers.


Danny was a stray cat found wandering the countryside in Cape Breton. He was taken to Dr. Draper for surgical removal of an aural (ear) polyp and brought to us for dental surgery. Dr. Julia suspected Danny was older than originally estimated and noticed a rapid heart rate. Presurgical bloodwork confirmed what she suspected, that Danny is hyperthyroid. He was deemed 'unadoptable' due to the multiple, life­long medical issues and was going to be euthanized. Dr. Julia could not bring herself to do so and offered to give him a home at the Atlantic Cat Hospital where he could receive ongoing treatment for his health issues and live out his remaining days greeting clients at the front desk. Everyone was thrilled, including Danny, who now resides over our reception area, greeting all visitors with his purring, relentless meowing (yes, he is deaf) and snuggles. If you ever need a 'kitty­hug', Danny is your 'man'.