Clinic Cats

The hard-working residents of Atlantic Cat Hospital.......

Dolly Duck

Our snow white cat, Dolly Duck, was an emergency case brought to us in October 2009. Duck presented with a shattered pelvis and doctors could only assume that she had been hit by a car while living on the streets of Fairview. Duck was malnourished and had to regain her strength while on cage-rest for three months at the hospital, during this time the staff had grown extremely fond of her. Even Benjamin (ACH's shy, male clinic cat) had bonded to her.


Originally she was named "Dolly" but while here it was quickly discovered that her meow sounds more like a "quack" and the nickname "Duck" has become more frequently used, she also waddles due to her previous pelvis injury. Duck spends lots of time "speaking" with clients in reception and her sassy-ness is only exceeded by her cuteness. Her favorite activities are smacking papers off desks, tearing open bags of food and playing with her best friend Benny, she has tons of personality! 

Benjamin Button

Benjamin came to us in February 2009 after he was seeking refuge in an outdoor rabbit hutch in Bayer's Lake Industrial Park during the winter. He had severe frost-bite on his ears, tail and paws; unfortunately he lost his ear pinnas to the frost injuries. The staff grew attached to the stray, ginger cat and decided to name him Benjamin Button, because of his youthful transformation while in recovery at ACH.


Although still very shy, Benny has slowly become more social with strangers. He is typically quiet, with the exception of when he wants to eat; he truly loves yummy food! During stressful times Benny is there to listen and helps the staff get through their days with ease. He devotes most of his time to cuddling with the staff, dreaming big (sleeping) or spending time with his best friend Duck, getting into mischief. We all love to see his charming face everyday and the clinic would not be the same without him. 

In Memory of Danny

Danny was a stray cat found wandering the countryside of Cape Breton. He came to Halifax with a rescue group and was brought to ACH for a dental surgery. Dr. Julia suspected that he was older than originally estimated and bloodwork revealed that Danny had hyperthyroidism and other life-long health issues. He was deemed 'unadoptable' and was going to be euthanized. Dr. Julia could not bring herself to do so, Danny was far too sweet and needed another chance at life.


Danny came to live at ACH in the Fall of 2014 and made the clinic's reception area his home. As any good Cape Bretoner would, Danny placed a high value on his friendships and of course, good food. He lived out his remaining days greeting anyone who entered our doors, comforting people when they needed it most and giving love to all. On January 19th, 2017 Danny crossed the Rainbow Bridge, his ACH family surrounded him with love and held his paws as he moved on to the other side, he will be forever missed and loved.