December 2016


This is a life threatening emergency in cats that is most commonly seen in males, but can also occur in females.  If you notice ANY of the following signs in your cat he/she may be blocked or becoming blocked:

1 - your cat is in and out of the litterpan frequently

2 - urine spotting on furniture, you, the floor or urinating outside the litterpan

3 - straining to urinate and/or vocalizing when trying to do so

4 - producing small amounts or no urine when voiding

5 - blood in the urine or blood spots around the house

Ho! Ho! HOLD the Tinsel!!

The Holiday Season is upon us and with it all of the decorating and celebrating that so many enjoy.  Be sure to keep your holiday Pet Safe this year.  

Here is a link to a great article about pet safety over the Holidays provided by the ASPCA.

Tick Season and Lyme's Disease

It is that season again folks and very important to be 'aware' and vigilant.