May 2017

Ticks and New Treatment Option - May is Lyme's Awareness Month

I am going to sound like a broken record, but am posting again about Ticks and tick control in our feline friends as the season is upon us again.  

Ticks survive the winter months in a number of ways and once the temperatures warm up above 4 degrees celsius they will become active and seek a host. 

If Love Could Have Saved You... you would have lived forever.....

Yesterday we said goodbye to a very dear member of the Atlantic Cat Hospital Team, Bennie.  It was sudden and unexpected which makes it all that much harder to accept.

Bennie came to the hospital  many years ago in desparate need and terrible physical shape.  Through endless hours, kindness, love and compassion, Gina nursed him back to health and they formed an inseparable bond.  This happened before "my watch" but the result was there for all to see every day.