Emergency Care

Although no one wants to think about it, there may be a time when your cat needs urgent medical help:

During office hours (M-Th 8am-8pm, Fri 8am-6pm, Sat 9-2) call: 423-7877 or 423-2529

After hours call:

Metro Animal Emergency Clinic902-468-0674

Is this an Emergency or can it wait until tomorrow?

If in doubt – call your veterinarian!

There are many situations that may constitute an emergency - if in doubt please call and we will direct you. Some examples of emergencies are:

  • Not urinating-especially male cats, can be a life-threatening emergency!
  • Trauma - ex: hit by car, lacerations, fractures and more
  • Lily ingestion and other toxins - click here to learn more.
  • Vomiting everytime your cat eats or drinks, unable to keep anything down
  • Not eating- unlike humans, cats can suffer life threatening liver damage if they go too long without eating
  • Many more...

There are many toxic houseplants/flowers out there, please check out the ASPCA's website with images and listings of toxic and non-toxic plants and flowers.